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Babcock Student Attempts Suicide Because Of Boyfriend, Jumps From Hostel

A female student is trending in Babcock university after attempting to take her own life. The Student who is considered to be a Public and Allied health student decided to Make such drastic Decision this Valentine evening after she was rumoured to be going to depression and also because of a Guy. She is currently […]

Valentine: See List Of Countries Where It Is Illegal To Celebrate Valentine

With millions of couples gearing up for February 14th across Nigeria – you’d be surprised to know that the romantic sentiment of Valentine’s Day isn’t shared across the world. According to Listwand, Valentine’s Day has been either made illegal or banned in five countries across the world. Whether for cultural or religions reasons, these countries […]

History And Facts About Valentine’s Day

14 February is celebrated yearly around the world as Valentine’s day. Naija360 and Wikipedia has compiled facts, history you need to know about ‘Valentine.’ Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine,[1] is celebrated annually on February 14. Originating as a Western Christian feast day honoring one or two early saints named Valentinus, Valentine’s […]

Happy Valentine’s Day Naija360Lites

it’s a day of lovers. You can celebrate anyone be it your mother, father, wife, children, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends e.t.c Share your Val experience here. Who are you celebrating? What are you wearing? Where are you going?  Let’s make it a memorable one.

Valentine’s Day: 10 Ways You Can Show Love To Your Lady Even If You’re Broke

Hi Guys! Happy Valentine’s day! Val is here already, the day we celebrate love with our partners and have a nice time together. One important part of valentine’s day is presentation of gifts to one’s partner to show love and also celebrate the relationship. Considering the situation of the economy now, some guys might still […]

14 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day As A Single Person

There isn’t anything bad in been single. Follow this ways to enjoy the day. Gistvic Reports. 1. Spoil yourself: Make Valentine’s Day a day to spoil yourself. Buy yourself chocolate, order pizza, eat ice cream, and rent your favorite movie. Just relax and be happy. 2. Celebrate Yourself: Go to the clubs, a concert, do something spontaneous with your […]

The 4 Different Types Of Men In Every Relationship

In a relationship, some men fall into one of four categories: a boy, a player, a confused man, and a good man. Different Types Of Men In Every Relationship A Boy A boy will always be a boy regardless of his age. Growing up and growing old is never the same. Growing old is mandatory […]

Nurse Who Got Pregnant For Fiance’s Best Friend, Explains How It Happened

A 30-year-old nurse whose fiance attempted to commit suicide on Wednesday last week after discovering she’s pregnant for his best friend, has defended her action saying it was the fault of her man. Speaking yesterday, the lady identified as Tamara Mtonga, a nurse at Kabwe General Hospital in Zambia, said she does not regret her […]

Love Is Blind!! – Here’s Proof For You (Photos)

Love they say is like a ghost we all talk about but no one has ever seen. Yes, it’s possible nobody has seen true love but it has been felt across the world. In fact, love is blind, inexplicable and unconditional. The couples seen in these pictures cut across different races across the world and […]